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Toto Tightening Gel

For an incredible amount, the gel work for tightening, cleaning, and making the Toto very juicy.  It is a multi-purpose gel for every woman

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The toto tightening gel which is made of pure herbal extracts is easy and enhances the feminine toto muscle elasticity to raise shrink tighten, anti-bacteria and clean the toto, improving the health of the system, it is especially the world’s best aphrodisiac and genital hygienic care products to improve the sex life quality.

Why use Gynaecological Gel?

Every woman has experienced toto discharge.

What is it?

It means the fluid or mucus stuff that comes out from a woman’s toto. It happens every month before menstruation. Sometimes when it happens it has an unpleasant odour.  Gynaecological Gel’s antibacterial properties help to prevent the smell or whitish discharge resulting from a yeast infection from the vagina, as it has ingredients that are being used, for example, as home remedies for bacterial vaginitis and others.

This gel also helps overcome toto dryness efficiently causing moisturizing action in no time at all, also tightens the vagina, restores the natural elasticity and muscles in the vaginal area, reduces the time period of menstruation and helps overcome menstrual cramps, diarrhoea, vomiting, fatigues and nausea while menstruating. There are many more benefits from using Gynaecological Gel depending on the age and the problems women face, but one is the same for all ages – extraordinary actions in increasing a woman’s sexual desire!

Suitable female with the symptoms as below:

 1. Loose and dry toto

 2. Trichinosis vaginitis

 3. Abnormal toto discharge, gonorrhoeal abnormal

 4. Mitotic vaginitis

 5. Pelvic inflammation, endometriosis

 6. Toto swollen, prurient

 7. Cervical erosion

 8. Odor of toto

Toto shrinking tightening gel Main Function:

Nourishing and Tightening Toto:

 Most nutrients of our gel are absorbed by the toto wall and cervix, Promoting blood circulation and Regenerating cells. Improving the activity of muscle cells, which can improve loose genitalia. Enhancing flexibility and Recovering grip strength. Treating sexless which is caused by a loosed vagina, lower sensitivity etc.

 Ovarian Maintenance:

 Put the gel into the vagina, It has a fast and direct effect on the lesion site. Eliminating congestion and toxins. Adjusting female hormone secretion, which achieved the beauty effect. It is regulating the endocrine as well as purifies the body’s internal environment. In this way, It keeps the internal environment best situation.

 Anti-bacterial and Anti-virus.:

 vagina tightening stick has a great effect on bacterial, fungal, trichinosis, senile and mixed vaginitis. It also can get rid of genital inflammatory secretions and toxins, and restore vaginal self-purification and self-cleaning ability, so as to reduce the incidence of all kinds of gynaecological disease.

100% AUTHENTIC PRODUCT: This product is 100% authentic & original, please be very careful not to purchase counterfeit/fake versions of this gel.

DISCRETE PACKAGING: There will be no mention of the product or its contents on the delivery label to your desired address.

Not Suitable For:

Children, Pregnant women, Lactating and menstruating women. Do NOT take orally.

Directions for use:

1)Clean the vulva before bedtime, lying down and raising the hip.

2)Remove the protective cap of the applicator and gently insert the pre-filled applicator into the toto at least 7cm deep.

3)Squeeze the plunger until the gel is delivered.

4)Take the applicator out of the toto.

5)Keep hips raised for 5-10 minutes


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Goron Tula Fruits (5 pcs)

Original price was: ₦5,000.00.Current price is: ₦3,500.00.
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Specifications Goron Tula seeds could be used as herbal medicine for diseases and ailments such as:
  1. Boost Libido – It is a great addition to the diet for persons who are experiencing poor libido as a result of stress or other conditions.
  2. Helps in Vagina lubrication – Goron Tula has been recommended for women who find it hard to reach orgasm, as it helps in lubrication of the vagina. This is why some ladies prefer to call it toto tightener.
  3. Chest pains
  4. Cough
  5. Infertility
  6. Liver problems
  7. Menstruation problems
  8. Sexually transmitted infections.
  9. Helps prevent cancer
  10. Lowers Blood Sugar (for diabetics)
  11. Help prevent High Blood Pressure

Bobby Enlargement Oil

Original price was: ₦6,200.00.Current price is: ₦5,990.00.
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    • Lifting & Tightening bobby, feel your bust grow over time, more firming
    • With natural formula, elasticity, and water absorption by the muscle, the bust will be moisturized, firm, and full
    • Use day and night, stick use it every day
    • Effect: breast enhancement, bobby compact, delicate breast skin, balance hormones, activate the bobby tissue, and so on
    • bobby firming
    • bobby enlarging
    • bobby skin softening

Yoni Pearls (Clean Point) (50 Pieces)

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Toto Sugar (for Extreme Wetness and Sweetness)

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Yoni Pearls (Clean Point) (100 Pieces)

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Female Fertility Tea

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Butt Enlargement Oil

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Getting bigger butts the natural way is easy, effective, and safe. Made with a natural extract that is potent for hip enhancement and lifting. The Aichuen Papaya oil is specially designed to aid give you, your desired shape.

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